terms of use

Allowed Professor that 8 of 10 degrees and you did not refer to terms of use
1-answers answered the Professor: the degree of expression is cut down to two degrees, 
2-the student said: I want the whole class, or 10 out of 10 and was insisting that the student
3-akes the whole class, and the teacher would argue Professor not to embarrass his student 
4-as one of the outstanding students who Excel in the classroom, and said to him, : If I brought the dust of paradise, FLAC full class (student challenge section and not taking the entire class).
On the second day a student came to dust bag parameter. The teacher said: what's this? The student replied: the dust of paradise as requested!! He said how I brought him? Replied: make MOM walk on dirt and then compiled for you in this bag and you also told us that paradise is under the feet of mothers, the teacher had the option not to give the student class, and the teacher could not hide his admiration for intelligent pupil.

Wisdom: an old Arab proverb says: (of your mouth we owe you). Remember that the most difficult situations which are very easy if done well disposed and followed the optimal method to ask and treated.

Often you must think about the natural way to find solutions to the problems facing
The radio was broadcast live on the question to listeners as a competition offered by radio listeners and there was a prize for answering the question and the content of the question as follows:
There was a balloon carrying four scientists in different disciplines including a physicist and a chemist and astronomer, biologist, suddenly without warning started to balloon

The value of the thing is that define him you ... Choose for yourself the best values!
Lifting records in one of the lectures are $ 500 and said anyone who wants the most lift those hands? and he said to them, I'll give it one of you but after I do this, the bekrmshh paper and then asked: who wants it still hands high, well, what if I did this Fermi cash on the ground and the bedasha in his shoes and. Then lifting it is dirty and full of dust and asked: who you still want the hands for a third time and said:

Now you should be learnt a valuable lesson, whatever money you still want them, because it did not decrease in value is still $ 500 in many times of our lives fall to the ground and we cringe as we back off because of the decisions we have taken or due to circumstances that surround us, we feel then that value us whatever happens you don't lose value because you are someone special try not to forget it, don't let the frustrations hopes yesterday overshadow tomorrow's dreams.

Wisdom: the value of the thing are you still define him.. Choose for yourself the best values!

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