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Build prejudice limiting our thinking and locks them in the direction of tight
A few years ago someone decided to travel to Italy and see the greatest effects of Rome and Venice, as usual before each flight tourist guides and read many books on these two cities, and his attention then many warning against wandering in the streets surrounding the main train station in privacy policy

One day it was going to that particular station for train ticket that was with him, and immediately after coming off of the taxi was surprised by a strange body calling for it in a language he does not understand, but he ignored and faster paced around the station but he continued to walk behind him and scream it out loud, what was it but the jog and was succeeded by humanist sharply until forced to stop to find out what he wants and stop in front of the talking nervously and angry voice, like a blame her for ignoring him, while he Give him his wallet fell out immediately after coming off from the cab.

Wisdom: some think sin, and build prejudice limiting our thinking and confine him in a tight single.

Nine-tenths of good manners in the forgotten
I waited for the wife her husband's arrival after the end of the concert were invited, but it was late, we're 10 minutes, then a half hour on the date agreed and invited started shrinking, and then passed the whole hour and leaving only the owners call who they compliment her with what looked from overwork and fatigue, Oh my God, where are you yazogi? Always êíñìäí to you! It does not commit to dates at all, have I almost cry of shame finally car was installed quickly, a merciless rage,

Before opening her mouth to tell her husband that has cruised to seven stores, to buy a machine that you requested, and he prefers to choose the finest kind, not to any product before another, he found this device, it's in the back is realized when you exploit? Fragmentation mechanism if it languish on the back seat and, if it is requested, the poor are you, my dear, the very best of your heart! How much do a lot so I'm pleased, but also embarrassed me when my relatives and I told him to be annoyed,

I thought little, she admonished him now and is happy and tired to making me happy and satisfy my desire, no doubt I saaker they can raise its voice and will return home to turbid mood, I am relieved that you overlooked and silent, our ship went on welfare, and that's what the wife has chosen already.

Wisdom: often we need to give the other dozens of excuses before sentencing them. The Arab proverb says: not stupid with master in his people, but his master the pretend stupidity!!

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